Organizing Against Migrant Child Detention, Militarism, and Environmental Racism. Download Report.


We know you are ready to decide your future and we see you. We know how hard your journey has been until now. We’ve experienced it ourselves. We know that the road ahead won’t be easy either. Confronting a society set in their own ways, and fighting the system that has failed us over and over, takes more strength than what we imagined we had within us. But working together has taught us that our strength is unlimited when we join forces, unite our voices, and breathe through our collective energy.

We rely on art to heal from trauma, share our complicated feelings, and channel our vision for change. We uplift our stories to shift legacy narratives that are a disservice to our people. And we resist, but we also take breaks to make sure we can only grow stronger in time.

Through our training and political education programs, each of us are becoming the leaders our families and our planet deserve. We’re showing the world we won’t be silenced without ever reverting to violence or negative tactics. We’re taking the driver’s seat within the broader immigrants rights movement by changing policies in our favor. And we’re planting the seeds of resistance needed to unlock the door of opportunities that has never been open for us before.

This is a safe space for you to express yourself without limits. This is a movement for you to amplify your demands for justice and dignity. And this is a training ground for you to get the tools you need to fight for our - and YOUR - future.

If you’re ready to join the resistance, welcome home.

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