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We’re a space for young immigrants who are ready to challenge their destiny.

Seeds of Resistance Youth

We are the seeds of resistance.

We are a grassroots, community-based, youth-led and staff supported membership program composed of Indigenous, Black, and Latinx immigrant youth working together to defend our communities from catastrophic climate chaos, heal from trauma, and abolish anti-immigrant & racist policies. 

Our name Seeds of Resistance was inspired by the “Seeds of Fire” program  by the historic Highlander Research & Action Center, where our co-founders were trained in popular education and cultural organizing.  

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We BRING OUR MISSION TO LIFE through 3 main pillars:


Leadership Development

Community Organizing

seeds of resistance group
Youth fight back together

We are ready to defend our gente.

"Us young people should be at the forefront of immigrant & climate justice. We have the power to defend our families, land and Mother Earth for the generations to come. ¡SI SE PUEDE!”

-Yocelina Solis

Our GOAL is to unlock real opportunities for our people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build power among rural or low-income youth, to respond to and gain control over the social, political, economic, workplace, health, and environmental justice issues that impact their lives.


Our vision is a social environment where youth contributions, dignity, and worth are acknowledged, appreciated, and respected at the local and state level. This vision includes immigrant youth being treated as equals, and not exploited and discriminated against based on race, ethnicity, gender, or immigrant or socioeconomic status.


Our methodology derives from the concept of a trauma-informed approach. This approach realizes the widespread impact of trauma on immigrant youth and understands potential paths for recovery; recognizes the signs and symptoms of trauma in individuals, families, staff, and others involved with the system; responds by fully integrating knowledge about trauma into policies, procedures, and practices; and seeks to actively resist re-traumatization. Our program will implement a trauma-informed approach (distinct from trauma-specific interventions or treatments) that is designed specifically for immigrant youth to address the consequences of trauma and to facilitate healing through the creation of a safe place, peer support, collaboration and mutuality, adult allyship, empowerment, voice and choice, gender issues and learning ancestral knowledge and practices. From this perspective, we promote the linkage to recovery and resilience for immigrant youth impacted by trauma.

Our theory of change

Our theory of change is cemented in our youth. We believe that if we train, educate and organize undocumented youth and youth from mixed status families who have been impacted by unjust anti-immigrant legislation, in a safe space to share their stories, experience trauma healing, expand their political analysis and leadership (through decolonial political education, community organizing, artivism, and advocacy) then youth will become leaders in our immigrant rights movement and their voices and actions will shape the public narrative, change policies, and ultimately win permanent protections for all immigrants.

meet our ecosystem
Alianza Americas
Catalyst Miami
Climate Justice Alliance
Farmworker Association of Florida
Florida Immigrant Coalition
Florida Rising
Florida Student Power
Highlander Center
Miami Climate Alliance
Power U
Student Farmworker Alliance
Temple Beth Sholom
our staff
Guadalupe de la Cruz
Executive Director & Co-Founder
Cynthia Moreno
Program Coordinator
Ilse Moreno
Youth Organizer
Romero Ortiz
Youth Organizer
our board of directors
President & Co-Founder
Lis-Marie Alvarado
Soros Justice Fellow with Open Society Foundations
VP & Co-Founder
Mariana Martinez
Director of the Emerging Leaders for Liberation Program with AFSC
Daniel Jones
Quad-Chair with the Florida Poor People’s Campaign
Member at Large
Keno Walker
Youth Organizer with PowerU
Member at Large
Rosmery Paz
Seeds of Fire Coordinator with Highlander Center
Member at Large
Kody Hersh
SEYM Youth and Young Adult Coordinator
Member at Large
Racheal Lilenbaum
Social Justice Fellow at Temple Beth Shalom
Member at Large
Zoraida Avila
Training and Leadership Manager at Alianza Americas

Join us.

If you share our vision for change, start your journey with us by becoming a member. To sponsor our movement or other questions, please email us.

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