Organizing Against Migrant Child Detention, Militarism, and Environmental Racism. Download Report.

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We're an immigrant youth-led resistance fighting for the justice and dignity we want for ourselves, our communities, and Mother Earth.

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We’re ready to LEAD.

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Shut down Homestead Detention Center

We’re changing our destiny through community organizing.

We’ve grown up tired of the negative impact unfair immigration policies, discrimination, lack of economic opportunities, and environmental racism has on our communities, but we know we have the ability to change our present if we organize and build power!

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We’re healing and creating through artivism.

Art is our safe space to express ourselves, to heal, to imagine and build climate-resilient communities. 

El Paletro, original art
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We’re building power by sharing our stories.

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Become a member of our youth-led community to strengthen your political education, sharpen your leadership skills, meet new friends (and elected officials!), get career advice, express yourself through art, and participate in our collective healing.

You can also get ‘community hours’ for your participation!

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tu lucha es mi lucha
Free Them All
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